Are you a teacher and / or Moodle aficionado? Can you help Christchurch students and schools?

CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND - MARCH 01:  Student...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeAs you will be aware the earthquake in Christchurch, NZ has disrupted a huge amount of schools and students. Jacqui Land of Papanui High School is working with Moodle in Schools to find ways of reducing the long-term impact on students’ learning, and has put out the call for help below. If you are able to help, please contact Jacqui Land or Margot McKeegan, or you can drop me a line and I will pass on your message.

The following was originally posted at Moodle in Schools– By Jacqui Land of Papanui High School on Mon, 07/03/2011 – 18:33

The GCSN (Greater Christchurch Schools Network) are trying to get some material up onto a Moodle 2 site asap to help schools and students who have been affected by the recent Earthquake. The idea is to upload material and courses onto this site and then share them with other schools via the Moodle in Schools HUB.

We are urgently looking for either people to upload the material onto courses on the GCSN Moodle site OR people who have lots of resources and / or good ideas. (The material needs to carry a Creative Commons license and be freely available to distribute to other schools).

If you are able to help we will be writing / producing courses from 9.30 am on Tuesday 8th March until Friday 11th March at South Learning Centre, 66 Colombo Street (cnr Hunter Tce and Colombo St), Christchurch. You do not need to commit to the whole time, but if you can spare an hour or so sometime during this period please feel free to pop in. You do not need to be a Moodle expert, we can provide training / help. Alternatively, we can provide you with access to a course and you can add content from your school or home.

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About ictenhancedlearningandteaching

I am a director and consultant at Ethos Consultancy NZ ( I have a keen interest in all aspects of ICT Enhanced Learning and Teaching (ICTELT) where the focus lies on ways of scaffolding and empowering learners. In particular, I am interested in the way that creative, blended approached to Academic Professional Development can create trust, rapport and encourage reflective practice. As such, ICTELT is approached from facilitation, design, evaluation and assessment as opposed to the tools and what they can offer. I am a strong advocate of the potential of Web 2.0 to empower learners from all walks of life and cultures, especially after my experiences working for 6 years in the Middle East. In particular, I am interested how ePortfolios can be used in the VET sector (especially where Literacy and Language challenges are faced), in Recognition of Prior Learning, and in authentic, applied assessment. I have been involved with designing and developing ICTELT approaches and programmes for ten years. Following research informed approaches and design, I apply a qualitative, iterative process to evaluate the effectiveness of interventions, programmes and tools, encouraging learners' voices and input from all stakeholders.
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