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While blended learning** has been around for a while now, it is often the benefits*** that are focussed on rather than some of the issues (including an increased workload for facilitators, technological problems, and poor communication – Garrison & Vaughan, … Continue reading

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Flipping out about the 21st Century Fluency Project

The wonderful Vicki Hagenaar shared the following link to what I found an insightful resource. I was particularly taken by the post “The truth about flipped classrooms“, which addresses some of the myths and misconceptions around the flipped approach. I … Continue reading

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How do you facilitate synchronous sessions? Please share your effective practices…

Karen Melhuish made the following post, with the following request to share your wisdome and your experiences: “You may have seen a number of online workshops – (sometimes called web conferences or webinars) – offered by Enabling e-Learning, VPL-D and other groups over … Continue reading

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Blending learning for human service education

Iconic image for social science. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Neil Ballantyne opened by giving an overview of blended learning, emphasising that it is not a lesser model than purely face-to-face. He then moved on to look at Social science knowledge (declarative knowledge … Continue reading

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