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What are the ingredients that make assessment meaningful: A guide

Assessment is an inextricable part of learning, and it can be something we do ‘in the moment’ (“hmmm, that was OK but I need to do X next time”), or it could be a high-stakes formal assessment designed and administered … Continue reading

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Blended Learning reviewed in New Zealand

Image by groovysuvi via FlickrAn article recently published in the Computers in New Zealand Schools Journal, gave the details of a study that examined a teacher’s first implementation of online learning in a Learning Management System (LMS). The programme of … Continue reading

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The Learning Powered School

Image by wlibrary via FlickrGuy Claxton today facilitated a webinar entitled The Learning Powered School. One of the first things he started by asking was why is it that the 19th century approach to learning and teaching is so ‘sticky’. … Continue reading

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A framework for mobile learning: He Whare Ako He Whare Hangarau

My friend and colleague whaea Yo Heta-Lensen has observed that “online and blended learning courses are often written to instructional design guidelines that have been developed from a specific theoretical viewpoint taking a one-size fits all approach that cares little … Continue reading

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A Demonstration Report Effectiveness of Te Kotahitanga

Jill Parfitt kindly shared the latest report on Te Kotahitanga effectiveness to be released by the Ministry: KA HIKITIA – A Demonstration Report Effectiveness of Te Kotahitanga Phase 5 2010-2012. An excerpt from an introduction to the report reads: Notably, … Continue reading

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Multiculturalism: Responsibility to find out

This powerful post was shared by Manu Faaea-Semeatu, where she looks at a poem called “Voice” that she wrote last month and featured on her blog. Would be awesome to read your thoughts and reactions. Manu writes” The principal of Holy … Continue reading

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The life cycle to Modern Learning Practice

Modern learning pedagogy is likely to be a long slow journey, with a number of mistakes made along the way, and it’s not always going to be easy. Headspace is key, advises Vicki Hagenaars. You need to have your head … Continue reading

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Creative writing with Year 10

Creative writing in school can often be formulaic…you teach this, the students learn this, and then they write a story. Tamara decided to change the format. Building on an idea from Primary (Tamara is in the secondary sector), the story … Continue reading

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Reaching over 30 countries and 25 million learners: I can + design thinking

This inspirational video illustrates very clearly what an incredible responsibility we have as educators. A reaction can undermine a learner’s confidence, and leave them with an “I can’t response” if we’re not really careful. However, sometimes from set backs, great … Continue reading

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A free guide to Youth Engagement in the Economy

Adam Fletcher’s willingness to share his expertise, his drive to support youth, and his ability to challenge entrenched thinking, never fail to inspire me! So, it was great to find that Adam had been working hard to write and make … Continue reading

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