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Some of the ‘soft factors’ that influence students’ initial experience of distance online learning

What are some of the ‘soft factors’ that influence a student’s initial experience of distance online learning? A couple of years back, this study sought to identify some of the key aspects that helped shape their experiences, as well as some of … Continue reading

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Designing sticky courses: 10 top tips

With online courses how do you make them ‘sticky’? How do you help participants, after they have started your course, remain engaged and motivated? Good questions, and ones I was asked a short while ago by some clients. So, I thought … Continue reading

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What are the ingredients that make assessment meaningful: A guide

Assessment is an inextricable part of learning, and it can be something we do ‘in the moment’ (“hmmm, that was OK but I need to do X next time”), or it could be a high-stakes formal assessment designed and administered … Continue reading

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Blended Learning reviewed in New Zealand

Image by groovysuvi via FlickrAn article recently published in the Computers in New Zealand Schools Journal, gave the details of a study that examined a teacher’s first implementation of online learning in a Learning Management System (LMS). The programme of … Continue reading

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The Learning Powered School

Image by wlibrary via FlickrGuy Claxton today facilitated a webinar entitled The Learning Powered School. One of the first things he started by asking was why is it that the 19th century approach to learning and teaching is so ‘sticky’. … Continue reading

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Reaching over 30 countries and 25 million learners: I can + design thinking

This inspirational video illustrates very clearly what an incredible responsibility we have as educators. A reaction can undermine a learner’s confidence, and leave them with an “I can’t response” if we’re not really careful. However, sometimes from set backs, great … Continue reading

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eTeachers: Empowerment and ownership

How do we, as educators, upskill in a way that both empowers us to figure out how things might work best for our learners, while having no experiencing of learning in that way ourselves? Stephen Bright in E-teachers collaborating: Process based professional development for … Continue reading

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Internet TV channel accessible to the visually impaired

I hadn’t really appreciated what it must be like to be able to hear the audio and not hook into the visual context of videos, movies, and TV shows. The closest I come is the frustration when I am out … Continue reading

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Is it the technology alone or the learning design that effects student learning?

It’s all rather confusing! A few weeks ago, the wonderful Rachel Dingle recently shared a piece of research with me that made me go…hmmmm. The research, as she said, indicates that “there are no discernible differences between students who have access … Continue reading

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Your thoughts about timetabling…?

The whole notion of the tyranny of the timetable and how it can stifle learning is quite a popular one – see for example Enslaved by timetable tyranny. There are many ideas discussed in the article, a couple of which included: … Continue reading

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