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eTeachers: Empowerment and ownership

How do we, as educators, upskill in a way that both empowers us to figure out how things might work best for our learners, while having no experiencing of learning in that way ourselves? Stephen Bright in E-teachers collaborating: Process based professional development for … Continue reading

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What impact is participating in a Virtual Professional Learning and Development programme having for students? Check out this video

This video provides some teacher’s reflections and insights as to how participating within the Virtual Professional Learning and Development programme programme has helped their students and impacted their practice. We would like to acknowledge and thank all of the participants who shared … Continue reading

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Teacher’s metacognition

Alejarndra Martinez is a psychologist has been working with teachers, initially in rural Chile. She is interested in how teachers view themselves as learners. Currently working on her PhD at the University of Melbourne  Alejandra has been working in professional learning … Continue reading

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Designing learning that matters? How might shift in understanding be captured?

This session by Sarah Martin and Chris Bradbeer was opened and the presentation team was introduced. The Stonefields School was also described (it is pretty new, and only opened its gates in Feb 2011), as well as their focus on the … Continue reading

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We need to be able to fail!! Start making better mistakes

This is a gripping video that, although it doesn’t refer directly to education has huge implications with the way in which we think about and measure the effectiveness of what we and our learners do. If you are someone who … Continue reading

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Building a scaffold for future learning: Whilst the demands increase and the directions change

Image by mikecogh via FlickrGilly Salmon was the first keynote of ASCILITE 2011, and her presentation was accompanied by a visual representation of the presentation as it was underway. She started by talking about her professional ‘journey’ around the topic … Continue reading

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eLearning and teacher education: Crossing digital divides

Image by Wayan Vota via FlickrNoelene Wright started the presentation with a reference to Prensky’s notion of Digital natives and the fact that it was always supposed to be a metaphor, and has since be used in ways that he … Continue reading

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Dialogic inquiry online

Image by Candace Nast via Flickr It was really interesting that Jennie Swann started by indicating the synergies and overlaps between the previous 2 sessions and hers, although she is developing communities of inquiry rather than a CoP as CoPs … Continue reading

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Teaching as inquiry…continuing to learn

Image via Wikipedia Christina Ward facilitated a webinar today – 23rd November (access recording here), which explored the topic of teaching as inquiry. A record number of people registered for the session, and even before the session got underway there was some good … Continue reading

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Is it working? CAN we move from ‘I think we know’ in education?

Image via WikipediaConor Bolton recently posted to another community of which I am a member, where he was reflecting on what he has been trialling with his students this year, and what he has observed to date. He concludes “In … Continue reading

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