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Ways forward: One year on

What happens when a school isn’t working – for the learners, the community, and the teachers? Sometimes it’s a case of bringing in the broom, working with leadership, and then starting again. Gavin shared his story from the Board resigning, … Continue reading

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Examples of what happens when learners connect

Student voice and student agency are key to learning. However, this doesn’t always seem to be an unquestioned (inconvenient?) ‘truth’. Lorraine Makatu explains what happens when student agency is supported and nurtured. Mangere Central School has sister schools in Bali, … Continue reading

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Me you us: Learning connections

Me, us, you – over time we make connections, grow and expand out thinking. Over time we come back together in groups to connect with people we know. The collaborations that develop from those connections can be incredibly powerful. Heather … Continue reading

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Reaching over 30 countries and 25 million learners: I can + design thinking

This inspirational video illustrates very clearly what an incredible responsibility we have as educators. A reaction can undermine a learner’s confidence, and leave them with an “I can’t response” if we’re not really careful. However, sometimes from set backs, great … Continue reading

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A guide to creating and hosting your podcasts

Shared by Darren DeMatas, How to Make a Podcast, is a really clear, easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide, which uses a range of multimedia to demonstrate and inform anyone who is interested in podcasting. The guide also includes some indicative pricing if … Continue reading

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Opening up a dialogue and having a voice: Digital storytelling competition

Planet example (Photo credit: Wikipedia)  Details of the PoliCulturaEXPOMilano2015 were shared by Michael Barbour. PoliCulturaEXPOMilano2015 is a global competition where the “principal theme of the Exposition will be ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for life’”. “The idea is to open up a dialogue … Continue reading

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eTeachers: Empowerment and ownership

How do we, as educators, upskill in a way that both empowers us to figure out how things might work best for our learners, while having no experiencing of learning in that way ourselves? Stephen Bright in E-teachers collaborating: Process based professional development for … Continue reading

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Social curation and its potential impact on formal education

From the awesome Joyce Seitzinger (@catspyjamasnz) is a visual feast that helps capture some of the key concepts of social curation, online identity, and what these can mean for learning going forward. The implications for formal education are fundamental…as Joyce observes … Continue reading

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How to remain productive…and stay on top of your emails

Scott Hanselman has written a post, shared by the wonderful Glen Davis, with a wealth of ideas around how to manage your email…and your ever growing to do list. One of the key things for me were the the “Four Ds” … Continue reading

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Work getting you down? Giving too much? Try some of these strategies

Finding balance between life and work is an ongoing challenge for most people. Today’s webinar (facilitated by Dave Burton, Heather Eccles, and Vicki Hagenaars) was designed to provide some tools and practical suggestions for thinking about how we can work … Continue reading

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