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Opening up the world with open reading

Richard Elliott has some peaches in his eLearning Watchfor May. A couple that I was particulary taken with are The Open Library and The Open Academic Textbook Catalogue. The Open Library This amazing resource offers a searchable (editable) database, with, … Continue reading

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eLearning and teacher education: Crossing digital divides

Image by Wayan Vota via FlickrNoelene Wright started the presentation with a reference to Prensky’s notion of Digital natives and the fact that it was always supposed to be a metaphor, and has since be used in ways that he … Continue reading

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Inquiry Learning: getting kids out of the box (Jill Hammonds)

Image by istlibrary via FlickrIf you are interested in inquiry learning, and finding out strategies for trying the approach with students…or maybe you are already using inquiry learning but would like to find out more – then this session by … Continue reading

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The importance of choice: Reflections on ePortfolios

Although this video shows students and teachers in a tertiary environment, much of what they say is applicable to any learner, in pretty much any circumstance. The footage (taken on a mobile device) features students and teachers who were part … Continue reading

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What to do when things don’t go quite as you expect in a learning activity :-)

If you are involved in education, training, or facilitation of pretty much any session, there are sure to be times when things don’t go quite as you expect. This video shows what this teacher did, and by choosing the strategy … Continue reading

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Reading deeply: A Sociocultural approach to an audio-visual ‘text’

This activity is designed to develop students critical reading of text, in this case of a cultural, audio-visual text. Alternatively, a traditional, printed text could be used. However, the texts students need to read are becoming increasingly complex and hybrid, … Continue reading

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Understanding the Digital Generation

A lively, entertaining presentation given at uLearn by Lee Crocket – a man after my own heart who believes in really visual presentations :-)!! Well worth watching if you are wondering if learners of today are “wired differently”. The description … Continue reading

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Links to ideas, resources, and tools for learning and teaching Te Reo Māori

  Image via Wikipedia Kia ora koutou katoa. Ideas for communication around and through Web 2.0 can be in a vast array of languages. Language learners and teachers are increasingly recognising computer mediated communication and multimedia as key factors in … Continue reading

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