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Designing an ecology that supports students to be critical thinkers, engaged in problem-solving

The spaces that we exist in have an effect on our learning. When you are comfortable, the noise is low (or is the noise that you like to listen to such as waves breaking or music), the limbic system in … Continue reading

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Using insider research to study teacher engagement with video conferencing in first year classes

Image by mikecogh via FlickrNicola Westbury opened with an overview of the background to the study, and highlighted some issues such as the danger of disconnestion in large classes (Nicol, 2010) and how educators respond to technology education. The researchers … Continue reading

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Global audiences & ‘over the back fence’ peer mentoring

Image by sridgway via Flickr Geoff Wood, who is working in the Health and Life Skills Department at Rosmini College in Takapuna (Auckland) opened by introducing some background around the InterPacific symposium and forum. It started in 2006 with a … Continue reading

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