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Quick Response (QR) Codes: Examples of use in education

You may, or may not have used or heard of Quick Response (QR) codes…however, some educators and trainers are exploring how and why they may be useful. For a quick explanation of what they are please watch this video. So, some examples … Continue reading

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Empowering students: Some ideas of how learners and teachers might use Skype & IDroo to collaborate

In this video Chitose Izuno shows Hazel Owen how she has been using Skype and IDroo with her learners of Japanese. They then go on to discuss some ideas around the potential of IDroo to empower learners to collaborate, and … Continue reading

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A quick guide to bookmarking / adding favourites to your browser (IE, Firefox and Opera)

Image source A bookmark is “An easily accessible web link stored in a web browser such as Internet Explorer” (from Glossary of eLearning). In other words, just like when you are reading a book and you want to return to … Continue reading

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Working with Hot Potatoes Quizzes in LMSs and wikis

Image via Wikipedia One of the teachers with whom I have been working has been experimenting with Hot Potatoes quizzes and trialling them with a variety of media and in a range of platforms. Yesterday we met and went through … Continue reading

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GUIDE: The Teacher’s Guide to using Facebook!

The introduction to the resource reads: “Welcome to the Teacher’s Guide to using Facebook! As educators, social networking can carry tremendous potential benefits in one’s professional development as well as staying in touch with friends, family, and colleagues. Facebook is … Continue reading

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