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Digital Citizenship YouTube style

Nick Billowes shared this resource (originally shared by Gerard MacManus, St Bedes College), writing “I expect that you have all seen this in other forums – interesting regarding the ‘digital citizenship’ thrust”. Having had a quick browse through, while there … Continue reading

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Should we be aiming for our Learning Management Systems to be ‘next gen’?

I’ve just finished reading a blog post by Tom Vander Ark entitled “Why Aren’t There Any Next Gen Learning Platforms?“.  As Joyce indicated in her blog post (source): Well, I’m starting to think that most LMSs are simply not very … Continue reading

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Thoughts on design: The 100,000-student classroom

This video was shared by Peter Allen, and a few things caught my attention. The first was the use of written notes captured by a camera…it feels counter-intuitive, but they had good feedback about the sense it created a more … Continue reading

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Think you’re good at multi-tasking?

I am a self-proclaimed numpty when it comes to multi-tasking. If I am facilitating in a webinar and have to focus on tweaking something I have to ask everyone to be patient as I can’t speak and read/click the correct … Continue reading

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Engaging reluctant learners

This was a session facilitated by Clarrie Yates on 23 May 2012. I live blogged as we went along, but Blogger seems to have removed the automatic save function – or maybe something else happened! Needless to say, I lost … Continue reading

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Mobile learning in the classroom…sound odd to you?

The iPad on a table in the Apple case (Photo credit: Wikipedia)I have just finished reading a post (and comments) that was recommended by Greg Carroll, and found it a thought-provoking read: Amidst a Mobile Revolution in Schools, Will Old … Continue reading

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Why are we still measuring virtual learning experiences against face-to-face?

Bagley Lakes (Photo credit: Jeff Youngstrom)Helen Cooper shared this blog a while back, and it has been in my to-read list. I have just had a good read through. Something that jumped out at me was the continued need to … Continue reading

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How do you facilitate synchronous sessions? Please share your effective practices…

Karen Melhuish made the following post, with the following request to share your wisdome and your experiences: “You may have seen a number of online workshops – (sometimes called web conferences or webinars) – offered by Enabling e-Learning, VPL-D and other groups over … Continue reading

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The eLearning Planning Framework in action

Karen Melhuish kicked off the session by introducing some discussion and thinking about eLearning and what the various terminology might mean. “eLearning is learning and teaching that is facilitated by or supported through the appropriate use of ICTs”, and eMaturity … Continue reading

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Blending learning for human service education

Iconic image for social science. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Neil Ballantyne opened by giving an overview of blended learning, emphasising that it is not a lesser model than purely face-to-face. He then moved on to look at Social science knowledge (declarative knowledge … Continue reading

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