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Please share if you’ve been using Google Classroom

Google Classroom is the new kid on the block, perhaps offering a (currently free) option to Teacher Dashboard. I have explored Google Classroom, and have spoken to a couple of people who are using it, but I would love to … Continue reading

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Innovation and learning…against the odds

Barriers are often thrown in place when eLearning is mentioned. Access, cost of owning a device, safety…the list goes on. However, when solutions are sought to issues, rather than accepting what may appear to be the insurmountable status quo, learners … Continue reading

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Is it the technology alone or the learning design that effects student learning?

It’s all rather confusing! A few weeks ago, the wonderful Rachel Dingle recently shared a piece of research with me that made me go…hmmmm. The research, as she said, indicates that “there are no discernible differences between students who have access … Continue reading

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Why get involved in an online community?

This is a cross-post of a guest blog post (Participating in Online Communities for Mutual Support) written for Madelyn Griffith-Haynie’s wonderful online resource, http://www.ADDandSoMuchMore.com. Many thanks to Madelyn (CTP, CMC, A.C.T., MCC, SCAC, Foundational Concepts of the Intentionality Series) for given me the OK to … Continue reading

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Something practical for Christmas: 22 Google form templates

While the bigger questions around the meaning of education are engaging and 100% necessary, sometimes it is great to have someone create something really practical and immediately usable. Med Kharbach (of Educational Technology and Mobile Learning) has shared, just in … Continue reading

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Learning in the 21st Century: A 5 Year Retrospective on the Growth in Online Learning

Diagram of technology-empowered professional development for teachers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) This is report you may be interested in (recommended by John S Oliver). It is from a USA-based study (but the tends are likely to have some relevance to you) … Continue reading

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Engaging students through e-Learning and better school to work pathways

Clarence Yates shared this post with another community we are both members of. He writes: This report came out last year and I simply forgot to post it then but the truth of the matter is that I did not … Continue reading

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Designing learning spaces…some thoughts and resources

English: The media suite at Albany Senior High School, New Zealand. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) There is a growing interest in designing flexible learning spaces that will provide opportunities for students (of all ages) to learn in a space that best … Continue reading

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Digital Citizenship YouTube style

Nick Billowes shared this resource (originally shared by Gerard MacManus, St Bedes College), writing “I expect that you have all seen this in other forums – interesting regarding the ‘digital citizenship’ thrust”. Having had a quick browse through, while there … Continue reading

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Should we be aiming for our Learning Management Systems to be ‘next gen’?

I’ve just finished reading a blog post by Tom Vander Ark entitled “Why Aren’t There Any Next Gen Learning Platforms?“.  As Joyce indicated in her blog post (source): Well, I’m starting to think that most LMSs are simply not very … Continue reading

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