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Designing sticky courses: 10 top tips

With online courses how do you make them ‘sticky’? How do you help participants, after they have started your course, remain engaged and motivated? Good questions, and ones I was asked a short while ago by some clients. So, I thought … Continue reading

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Opening up opportunities to share: Using backchannels

I’ve been meaning to share this resource for ages (and thanks to Jedd Bartlett for sharing this way back). You may be a fan of the backchannel at conferences, meetings, sessions that you are facilitating etc…or you may not be sure … Continue reading

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Entertain people and make it fun…make people forget they are learning

I think there there are few in New Zealand and beyond who will not be aware of Nigel Latta. He has been involved in a few TV series and documentaries, including around education. Starting with a discussion about science, Nigel … Continue reading

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A free guide to Youth Engagement in the Economy

Adam Fletcher’s willingness to share his expertise, his drive to support youth, and his ability to challenge entrenched thinking, never fail to inspire me! So, it was great to find that Adam had been working hard to write and make … Continue reading

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To be or not to be…student engagement?

Norm Vaughan was one of the key note speakers on the second day of the ASCILITE 2012 conference. The 3 Rs of engagement are relevance, rigour, and relationships (Dennis Littky, 2004 http://bigpicture.org). The student sense of wonder and inquiry are … Continue reading

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Unsupervised online constructed-response tests

Genevieve Johnson started by looking at how new technologies are often used in the same way as the old technologies (horse-less carriage = car). Therefore the ‘e’ in assessment is just that – old assessments shifted online.   Diagnostic testing plays … Continue reading

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How are we engaging all learners? Ideas and examples

Tody’s webinar (25 July 2012) was facilitated by Karen Melhuish (Enbling eLearning), and focussed on ways that we are engaging learners. The first thing the group did was reflected on a time when participants felt there were learning effectively. Some … Continue reading

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Learner generated content as a pedagogical change agent

Image via WikipediaVickel Narayan started by exploring the notion of learner generated content and showed the extract of a video that showed how hip hop can be used to engage studnents. Vickel also showed some images which illustrated the use … Continue reading

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Leveraging technology for engaging learning design

Image via WikipediaAshwini Datt and Trudi Aspden presented on leveraging technology for engaging learning design. They first looked at some strategies to encourage students to complete homework. The presenters identified some assumptions around digital literacy and technical skills, and then … Continue reading

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Grappling with staying safe online? Try the Grapple Challenge game.

Derek Wenmoth shared the following online safety, interactive game, writing: It’s a cyber-safety resource developed by an Australian company that I linked with in Tasmania earlier this year. They have produced a number of interactive resources like this, many focusing … Continue reading

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