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Fibre to the gate is only half the story. How about affordable high-speed Internet?

Access to the Internet appears to be one of the key sticking points for those students who are based in the lowest socio-economic communities. While this factor seems to be pretty logical, maybe it is less obvious that low decile … Continue reading

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The Digital Divide: Agree or disagree?

I found this video quite thought provoking, although I’m not sure I agree with all of the major points made (especially the broad brush ‘false’ statements, as I think much of what was being stated is way more sophisticated than … Continue reading

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Inequality in society the biggest obstacle to education reform?

Through a rather circuitous route of recommendations (podcast) and links, I located the post below. The points that Susan Ohanian (Jan 3rd 2012) highlights were pretty much I was hoping to also mention, so I have posted her comments (National education policy centre), … Continue reading

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Learners’ Participation, Retention and Success in e-learning: Some findings

Rachel Roberts shared the following post in another community, and I felt it was too valuable a resource not to pass on…and thanks, Rachel 🙂 “By way of Michael; DEANZ – this elearning report out on Education Counts. Though this is tertiary research there is much … Continue reading

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