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30 Surprising (possibly controversial) research findings about how young people learn

In November, just before the Christmas madness, Tess Pajaron dropped me an email to share an article that focuses on how people learn based on a range of research. The writer explores 30 approaches, each of them drawn from current research … Continue reading

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Mobile learning in the classroom…sound odd to you?

The iPad on a table in the Apple case (Photo credit: Wikipedia)I have just finished reading a post (and comments) that was recommended by Greg Carroll, and found it a thought-provoking read: Amidst a Mobile Revolution in Schools, Will Old … Continue reading

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Designing an ecology that supports students to be critical thinkers, engaged in problem-solving

The spaces that we exist in have an effect on our learning. When you are comfortable, the noise is low (or is the noise that you like to listen to such as waves breaking or music), the limbic system in … Continue reading

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Want some guidance around writing learning outcomes? Try the learning outcomes authoring tool

Many thanks to Conor Bolton who recently shared these online learning outcome authoring tools. The first is the ‘Co-generative Toolkit’ – CegentT the development of which was funded by JISC. The tool has four main parts – the vocabulary, outcome, … Continue reading

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Scholarship, leadership and technology: A case study of embedding evidence-based practice

Image via Wikipedia Linda Creanor opended by highlighting some of the issues that they are facing in Scotland. They have been inspired by examples from around the world and taken them back to their own context where they have been … Continue reading

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The conversation prism: Visual way of representing the networking realm

Sometimes, once you have worked through your design stages (and this could be for a whole programme or for an activity), you may then be left wondering what tool would be suit your needs, given the approaches and interactions you … Continue reading

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Truly integrated learning???

Image via WikipediaWe have all heard the discussions around integrated, cross-curricular approaches and project based learning. So what does truly integrated learning look like? This video caught my attention because the school really does seem to have integrated the learning … Continue reading

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The Life Practice Model: a real life example

Image by Getty Images via @daylifeFor authentic student voice you can’t get much better! In this video Colby takes us through his four years of his time at school, and describes what and how he has learned, and with whom. … Continue reading

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What is ‘real Learning’?

Image via WikipediaIn this keynote presentation from ULearn 2011 Lane Clark begins by challenging the audience with a possible vision of the youth of the near future.From this point she moves on to exploring the relationship and differences between knowing … Continue reading

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How do I set about designing a course in my Learning Management System?

I have been working on a process model and framework, adapted from earlier examples, that I developed to help answer the question “Where do I start?” for teachers who are unfamiliar with adapting education resources to make effective use of … Continue reading

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