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Some of the ‘soft factors’ that influence students’ initial experience of distance online learning

What are some of the ‘soft factors’ that influence a student’s initial experience of distance online learning? A couple of years back, this study sought to identify some of the key aspects that helped shape their experiences, as well as some of … Continue reading

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Designing sticky courses: 10 top tips

With online courses how do you make them ‘sticky’? How do you help participants, after they have started your course, remain engaged and motivated? Good questions, and ones I was asked a short while ago by some clients. So, I thought … Continue reading

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Staying motivated and organised…

Ever find yourself with a to-do list with things that just don’t get done? Sometimes these are tasks or activities that are in someway off-putting to you, so how can you motivate yourself to do them? Louise Barnes-Johnston suggests an … Continue reading

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One thought to rule them all: The most powerful force in the world

This was the keynote presentation on day 4 of ICOT.  Kerry Spackman, opened by saying that you can work really hard but if nothing changes you are wasting your time. And making a small difference, even if you don’t know … Continue reading

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The iPad as a Tool For Education – a case study

  English: iPads offer a variety of software (Photo credit: Wikipedia) This case study focuses on the implementation of an an iPad programme, at Longfield Academy in Kent (UK). Longfield Academy is a mixed secondary school for students aged 11 … Continue reading

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You can’t motivate students with technology because technology alone isn’t motivating….

  fun (Photo credit: hodgers) This is, I felt, and insightful post, by Bill Ferriter (August 17th, 2012). In the post Bill, makes the point that was music to my ears: Basically what I’m arguing is that finding ways to … Continue reading

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