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One thought to rule them all: The most powerful force in the world

This was the keynote presentation on day 4 of ICOT.  Kerry Spackman, opened by saying that you can work really hard but if nothing changes you are wasting your time. And making a small difference, even if you don’t know … Continue reading

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Practical strategies to help you think deeply at work

Another gem from The Learning Wave blog, this article gives a brief overview of how we can make sure we can maximise our thinking. The article offers an insight into ‘why’ (how brains work), as well as some practical ideas … Continue reading

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How the brain works…and how emotional stability at home is the single greatest predictor of academic success!

 DK shared this video of a keynote from ISTE 2011 by Dr John Medina. Dr Medina is an entertaining speaker…you definitely won’t fall asleep!! 🙂 He starts by exploding myths such as right brain / left brain ‘ways of thinking’. … Continue reading

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The Virtual Revolution – Homo Interneticus

Clarence Yates shared this prodigious post with another community we are both members of, and has kindly agreed to share it with the Ethos community. He has watched all of the 5 documentaries that he links to, and pulls out … Continue reading

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Understanding the Digital Generation

A lively, entertaining presentation given at uLearn by Lee Crocket – a man after my own heart who believes in really visual presentations :-)!! Well worth watching if you are wondering if learners of today are “wired differently”. The description … Continue reading

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