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Multiculturalism: Responsibility to find out

This powerful post was shared by Manu Faaea-Semeatu, where she looks at a poem called “Voice” that she wrote last month and featured on her blog. Would be awesome to read your thoughts and reactions. Manu writes” The principal of Holy … Continue reading

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Different lenses on assessment: Working with a strengths-based approach

Assessment is always a hot topic, whether you are involved in formal education or other forms of learning and upskilling. This webinar session, facilitated by Manu Faaea-Semeatu and Nadell Karatea-Kokiri, focussed on how we can re-think and re-shape assessment. In … Continue reading

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Māori and Pasifika learners: To make change it has to be a tide rather than a wave

ASB Polyfest 2008 Avondale College Samoan Group (Photo credit: Richard Sihamau) Today (22nd August 2012) I was privileged to be a part of a webinar “brought to us by the VPLD project”, discussing some thoughts around working with Maori and … Continue reading

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How are we engaging all learners? Ideas and examples

Tody’s webinar (25 July 2012) was facilitated by Karen Melhuish (Enbling eLearning), and focussed on ways that we are engaging learners. The first thing the group did was reflected on a time when participants felt there were learning effectively. Some … Continue reading

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Culturally responsive design: Pacific peoples

I would like to thank Diana Ayling who put together these suggestions and links to resources (the original from which the below has been adapted can be accessed here), which are a great start to thinking about the enhancement of existing courses, or … Continue reading

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E-Learning Provision and Participation: Trends, Patterns and Highlights

Image by hazelowendmc via FlickrThe following was posted on a discussion forum I am a member of, and I felt that some of the findings challenged some of my assumptions, while other findings confirmed them 🙂 Makes for interesting reading: … Continue reading

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