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A guide to creating and hosting your podcasts

Shared by Darren DeMatas, How to Make a Podcast, is a really clear, easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide, which uses a range of multimedia to demonstrate and inform anyone who is interested in podcasting. The guide also includes some indicative pricing if … Continue reading

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Vital to education: Non-cognitive skills

  Depression 4 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I found Back to School (by the This American Life Team) an eye-opening podcast that makes a huge amount of sense. In part it asks, how much can we expect teachers to do? Awareness … Continue reading

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Psychomtric testing and the myth of personality types

Over the last 3 years I have become a podcast enthusiast (some may even say, bore!). I love the fact that I can be driving, running, cooking…you name it, while learning or being entertained…and often both. One of my favourite … Continue reading

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Inspiration, skills, and feedback via video: Introducing Russell Stannard

Have you come across Russell Stannard? He has been doing some really interesting things around recording video feedback for students, as well as creating (free) videos for teacher professional development. It is well worth checking him out, especially if you teach … Continue reading

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