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Prompting good learning and setting the stage for authentic student achievement

I have been reading and listening to Gary Stager for several years now, and much of what he says resonates with where I hope education in particular, and approaches to learning in general, are heading. In A Good Prompt is … Continue reading

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What do you think is the teacher’s worst enemy? A convenient untruth

Learning styles have been under the spotlight for the last few years (see for example, this discussion). If you are still sitting on the fence with your thinking about learning styles, or maybe you are totally convinced…I’d strongly advise your … Continue reading

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Culturally responsive design: Pacific peoples

I would like to thank Diana Ayling who put together these suggestions and links to resources (the original from which the below has been adapted can be accessed here), which are a great start to thinking about the enhancement of existing courses, or … Continue reading

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Mobile learning in the classroom…sound odd to you?

The iPad on a table in the Apple case (Photo credit: Wikipedia)I have just finished reading a post (and comments) that was recommended by Greg Carroll, and found it a thought-provoking read: Amidst a Mobile Revolution in Schools, Will Old … Continue reading

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Michael Barbour recently put out the call for submissions for a themed issue for the Journal of Open, Flexible and Distance Learning – to be published in April 2013 on the theme: Primary and Secondary Distance Education: Expanding the knowledge … Continue reading

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Why are we still measuring virtual learning experiences against face-to-face?

Bagley Lakes (Photo credit: Jeff Youngstrom)Helen Cooper shared this blog a while back, and it has been in my to-read list. I have just had a good read through. Something that jumped out at me was the continued need to … Continue reading

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Nearly 78% of teachers in NZ support bring your own device to class…

Paul O’Leary dropped me a line recently, with the results of a recently conducted survey of 280 people in the education sector on the use of ICT in schools across New Zealand (a joint venture between Adobe and Interface Magazine). Paul wrote “The … Continue reading

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Learners’ Participation, Retention and Success in e-learning: Some findings

Rachel Roberts shared the following post in another community, and I felt it was too valuable a resource not to pass on…and thanks, Rachel 🙂 “By way of Michael; DEANZ – this elearning report out on Education Counts. Though this is tertiary research there is much … Continue reading

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Study Offers Institutions Guidance for Continued Growth of Online Learning

Image by London College of Fashion short courses via FlickrEven though the report is from 2009, and focuses on tertiary learning and teaching in the States, it is well worth a read no matter as many of the findings still … Continue reading

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Belonging, becoming and being: First-year apprentices’ experiences in the workplace

If you have not heard of Selena Chan and the work she is doing in the Vocational Education and Training sector – especially around the use of mobile learning – then this report is a must: Belonging, becoming and being: … Continue reading

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