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What do men and women earn once they have doctoral degrees, and do they stay in NZ?

Many thanks to Eddie Reisch who shared the following reports and findings. Makes for good reading, whether you are based in NZ or not. The Ministry of Education has released reports on 2010 enrolments, what men and women earn after … Continue reading

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Is it working? CAN we move from ‘I think we know’ in education?

Image via WikipediaConor Bolton recently posted to another community of which I am a member, where he was reflecting on what he has been trialling with his students this year, and what he has observed to date. He concludes “In … Continue reading

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How do I measure the effects of shifts in my professional practice?

This presentation looks at how self-reflection is positioned in relation to evaluation, feedback, assessment and research (and also looks at possible definitions and purposes). Links to a video and a Prezi around reflective practice as a personal and school-wide activity … Continue reading

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Some strategies for evaluating teaching practice and student learning outcomes

When asked if ICT Enhanced Learning and Teaching (ICTELT) enhances a student’s learning experience, the answer would probably be, from many teachers, a reasonably confident ‘yes’. However, if asked if ICTELT enhances student learning outcomes, a lot of teachers would … Continue reading

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