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We want our kids to want to go to school: Iwi and whānau speak

Melanie Riwai-Couch opened the Te Toi Tupu hui by talking a little bit about the work she is doing with iwi. A lot of the things she is looking it is around iwi and whānau ‘voice’. Melanie is from a … Continue reading

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Towards a sustainable support strategy for online students

English: Steph’s Rol Model (Photo credit: Wikipedia) This was a presentation given by Elizabeth Smith and Anne Lonie. The objective of the course is to introduce students to engineering, and the professional sustainable practice that goes alongside the engineering skills. … Continue reading

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There are probably times when you would like to share a set of hyperlinks. However, sometimes these can be pretty dull visually…a list…, and often the URL does not provide information about what the follower of a particular link will … Continue reading

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What do you think is the teacher’s worst enemy? A convenient untruth

Learning styles have been under the spotlight for the last few years (see for example, this discussion). If you are still sitting on the fence with your thinking about learning styles, or maybe you are totally convinced…I’d strongly advise your … Continue reading

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Why are we still measuring virtual learning experiences against face-to-face?

Bagley Lakes (Photo credit: Jeff Youngstrom)Helen Cooper shared this blog a while back, and it has been in my to-read list. I have just had a good read through. Something that jumped out at me was the continued need to … Continue reading

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Inquiry learning – from knowledge to understanding

Jane Nicholls recommends, “another video for your toolbox, this time one from NZ Curriculum Online“. Jane goes on to say that if you are an educator working with an inquiry learning approach with your students, or who would like to consider … Continue reading

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Learner generated content as a pedagogical change agent

Image via WikipediaVickel Narayan started by exploring the notion of learner generated content and showed the extract of a video that showed how hip hop can be used to engage studnents. Vickel also showed some images which illustrated the use … Continue reading

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Leveraging technology for engaging learning design

Image via WikipediaAshwini Datt and Trudi Aspden presented on leveraging technology for engaging learning design. They first looked at some strategies to encourage students to complete homework. The presenters identified some assumptions around digital literacy and technical skills, and then … Continue reading

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Promoting school collaboration through eLearning

Image by sridgway via FlickrThe Virtual Learning Network (VLN) brings the learning to the students, and opens up choice and opportunities to study a curriculum that suits the student, rather than being limited by a school’s curriculum. Rick Whalley introducted … Continue reading

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First steps: The experiences of an academic team journeying into blended learning

Image by Melody Campbell via FlickrPhilippa Buckley and Fiona Gilmore presented today on a study of teacher educations as they develop a web based teaching approach. There was emphasis on working with students in an online environment. One of the … Continue reading

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