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Staying motivated and organised…

Ever find yourself with a to-do list with things that just don’t get done? Sometimes these are tasks or activities that are in someway off-putting to you, so how can you motivate yourself to do them? Louise Barnes-Johnston suggests an … Continue reading

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How to remain productive…and stay on top of your emails

Scott Hanselman has written a post, shared by the wonderful Glen Davis, with a wealth of ideas around how to manage your email…and your ever growing to do list. One of the key things for me were the the “Four Ds” … Continue reading

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No bells or interruptions to learning times….

Image by hazelowendmc via FlickrLinda Ojala posted a comment on a blog post where she gives an overview of an observation at a Montessori school she had done. She describes some of what she saw as follows: “The students are … Continue reading

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