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What is a hashtag? What is the stuff next to a tweet?

Image via WikipediaA day or two ago I received a couple of questions from a friend, Yvonne Hynson, about Twitter: “Can you point me to somewhere to learn all about these hashtags and how to tweet @ without getting all … Continue reading

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Twitter analytics in R…and using Twitter in teaching

For this presentation, Lyndon Walker started by asking the questions who uses Twitter (nearly everyone), and who uses Twitter in their teaching (not many). He then moved on to look at different ways Twitter can be used in teaching starting … Continue reading

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The proof of the pudding: Students using social media in class improve contributions, comprehension and literacy

Image source by Nomad Saleh Often the question arises – should mobile devices be banned from classrooms? I guess for many teachers it it the proof of the pudding that answers that question – much better than someone ‘telling’ them … Continue reading

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