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Digital Citizenship YouTube style

Nick Billowes shared this resource (originally shared by Gerard MacManus, St Bedes College), writing “I expect that you have all seen this in other forums – interesting regarding the ‘digital citizenship’ thrust”. Having had a quick browse through, while there … Continue reading

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Learner generated content as a pedagogical change agent

Image via WikipediaVickel Narayan started by exploring the notion of learner generated content and showed the extract of a video that showed how hip hop can be used to engage studnents. Vickel also showed some images which illustrated the use … Continue reading

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Leveraging technology for engaging learning design

Image via WikipediaAshwini Datt and Trudi Aspden presented on leveraging technology for engaging learning design. They first looked at some strategies to encourage students to complete homework. The presenters identified some assumptions around digital literacy and technical skills, and then … Continue reading

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Gever Tulley teaches life lessons through tinkering

Image by Denis Collette…!!! via FlickrIn this inspirational TED Talk, Gever Tulley introduces ‘Tinkering School’, where children get to have the time, support and tools so that they are “better able to understand how to make things than when they … Continue reading

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OER: Pie in the sky or meaningful reality? (INVITED BLOGGER OF THE MONTH – November)

Image via Wikipedia In the last month’s “Blogger of the Month” Column Alison Miller touched on the topic of Open Education Resources (OER) and open course ware in relation to security and storage of personal information and data. Here is … Continue reading

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Is the case for sharing data online open or closed? – INVITED BLOGGER OF THE MONTH (October 2010)

Image source We are currently living in an era where some forms of government and business information or ‘data’ is being made open and accessible. Known as ‘open data‘, this service can offer a lot of potential for research and … Continue reading

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