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Visualising coaching…

Coaching is a bit of a buzzword, and you may be wondering why you might want to work with a coach, and what you’d get out of it. Mark Edwards and Hazel Owen (Ethos Consultancy NZ) have worked together with Cyma in a coaching … Continue reading

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Leadership? Management? What’s the difference?

What is leadership within professional environments – and how does it differ from management? There have been whole books written on the nuances, but in a nutshell: a manager plans, organises and coordinates a group a group or a set … Continue reading

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On choosing the wrong drivers for whole system reform

If you are in any way involved in education, schools, and / or professional development I would highly recommend the following paper as a ‘must read’. (The paper was shared via email by Vince Ham.) Fullan M. (2011). Choosing the … Continue reading

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Stephanie Bader opens the “Curtain on Lurking”

This thoughtful, honest reflection about moving from a lurker to a more confident community participant was shared by Diana Ayling (here). In her post Stephanie Bader, reflects on the fear she faced when initially jumping into the development of her personal and … Continue reading

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Distributed leadership for integration of information and communication technology

Image via WikipediaSeng-Chee Tan first discussed the growing interest in technology leadership as an important factor of the effective integration of technology into education. The theoretical underpinnings include a more realistic vision of mult-level leadership in schools, so distributed leaders … Continue reading

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Know where you are going? eLearning roadmap

There are a number of eLearning frameworks and roadmaps gaining in use and popularity. This one from The National Centre for Technology in Education (@ncteireland) offers a good example, although it is contextualised to the UK.

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A guide for teachers and those faciltiating PLD: ICT Transforming Education

This practical guide has something for nearly everyone involved in education, including teachers, principals, deans, and policy writers. As well as strategies for integrating ICT enhanced learning and teaching into curricula, the guide also has a variety of resources and … Continue reading

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