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Ways forward: One year on

What happens when a school isn’t working – for the learners, the community, and the teachers? Sometimes it’s a case of bringing in the broom, working with leadership, and then starting again. Gavin shared his story from the Board resigning, … Continue reading

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The importance of leaders leading professional development

The curriculum can be re-interpreted depending on the context. For example, around Auckland and Northland, there are different interpretations compared with Southland for example. One of the most important things about the PLD review is that everyone on the advisory … Continue reading

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One thought to rule them all: The most powerful force in the world

This was the keynote presentation on day 4 of ICOT.  Kerry Spackman, opened by saying that you can work really hard but if nothing changes you are wasting your time. And making a small difference, even if you don’t know … Continue reading

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Change at the speed of…so, who has got it right?

There is, perhaps, a perception that change is happening at great speed. However, some of the big institutions (e.g. education, health) appear to be positively glacial with the rate they are responding to change, and what is more, there seems … Continue reading

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The Virtual Revolution – Homo Interneticus

Clarence Yates shared this prodigious post with another community we are both members of, and has kindly agreed to share it with the Ethos community. He has watched all of the 5 documentaries that he links to, and pulls out … Continue reading

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