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Coaching as a way to develop cultural understandings

Coaching, with its focus on listening, questioning, and exploration of self, especially values and beliefs, can be a highly effective way to develop understanding of a range of cultures. Such understandings have a positive impact on a person’s own – … Continue reading

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Cultural diversity and what it might look like in a business context

Given the opening up of the world and a shift to globalisation, it is important, especially in business contexts to be culturally competent – to be sensitive to differences and know how to work within a multicultural context. The following … Continue reading

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Māori and Pasifika learners: To make change it has to be a tide rather than a wave

ASB Polyfest 2008 Avondale College Samoan Group (Photo credit: Richard Sihamau) Today (22nd August 2012) I was privileged to be a part of a webinar “brought to us by the VPLD project”, discussing some thoughts around working with Maori and … Continue reading

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What does culturally responsive facilitation look like? A reflection

I have been delaying writing up this reflection for a long time…more than a couple of months in fact – the notes I took during the session have sat in draft format and I have ‘mulled’ over what happened and … Continue reading

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The Virtual Revolution – Homo Interneticus

Clarence Yates shared this prodigious post with another community we are both members of, and has kindly agreed to share it with the Ethos community. He has watched all of the 5 documentaries that he links to, and pulls out … Continue reading

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Reading deeply: A Sociocultural approach to an audio-visual ‘text’

This activity is designed to develop students critical reading of text, in this case of a cultural, audio-visual text. Alternatively, a traditional, printed text could be used. However, the texts students need to read are becoming increasingly complex and hybrid, … Continue reading

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